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Service Listing Motor Vehicle Dealers & Repairers

Motor Vehicle Dealers & Repairers

Fair Trading

Motor Dealers

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    • Renew your Motor Dealers Licence Online

      Pay and renew your Motor Dealer Licence online

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    • Look up the PPS Register

      National register of recording security interests in personal property

    • Vehicle History Check

      Check the history of a pre-owned motor vehicle before buying it.

    • Download Motor Dealer Licence forms

      Download an application pack and other forms for Motor Dealer Licence

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  • Motor Dealers Licence

    This licence is required to conduct a business which involves the buying, selling, dismantling or exchanging of new or second-hand motor vehicles.

    Motor vehicles include cars, trailers, motorcycles, tractors and commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles are vehicles made especially to carry goods, ten or more passengers or for industrial or agricultural use. Tractors, dual cab and crew cab vehicles are commercial vehicles. Four-wheel drive vehicles with at least one forward facing rear passenger seat (unless they are dual cab or crew cab vehicles) are not commercial vehicles.

    You will also require a licence if you intend to buy, sell or exchange motors, gearboxes and certain other types of parts or accessories.

    Fair Trading uses GLS to administer the following classes of Motor Dealer Licence:

    1) Auto-Dismantler
    2) Car Market Operator
    3) Dealer
    4) Motor Vehicle Consultant
    5) Motor Vehicle Parts Reconstructor
    6) Wholesaler

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Fair Trading

Motor Vehicle Repairers

  • New Applications
    • Apply online for a Motor Vehicle Tradepersons Certificate

      Quick and easy - lodge an online application for Motor Vehicle Tradesperson's Certificate

    • Renew your Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence Online

      Pay and renew your Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence online

    • Download Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence forms

      Download an application pack for Motor Vehicle repairers Licence

    Information And Links
  • Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence

    If you carry on the business of repairing motor vehicles then you must hold a repairer’s licence. This includes part-time work, mobile work and subcontractors and includes working in a partnership or as a company.

    The following classes of Motor Vehicle Repairers Licences are issued to Businesses:

    1) Automotive Electrician - Fixed Workshop
    2) Automotive Electrician - Mobile Workshop
    3) Body Maker
    4) Brake Mechanic
    5) Exhaust Repairer
    6) Front End Specialist
    7) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Mechanic
    8) Motor Cycle Mechanic
    9) Motor Mechanic Fixed Workshop
    10) Motor Mechanic Mobile Workshop
    11) Natural Gas Mechanic
    12) Panelbeater
    13) Radiator Repairer
    14) Transmission Specialist
    15) Vehicle Painter - Fixed Workshop
    16) Vehicle Painter - Mobile Workshop

    Motor Vehicle Tradepersons Certificate

    Anyone who does motor vehicle repair work in a motor vehicle repair business, including the owner of that business must hold a tradesperson’s certificate for the class or classes of repair work being performed.

    Anyone who does repair work and is employed by a commercial vehicle owner is also required to be certificated.

    Apprentices and trainees do not need to be certificated, but can only do repair work as part of their apprenticeship or traineeship and under the supervision of a certificated tradesperson.

    The following classes of Motor Vehicle Tradespersons Certificates are issued to tradespersons:

    1) Automotive Electrician
    2) Body Maker
    3) Brake Mechanic
    4) Exhaust Repairer
    5) Front End Specialist
    6) Motor Cycle Mechanic
    7) Motor Mechanic
    8) Panelbeater
    9) Radiator Repairer
    10) Transmission Specialist
    11) Vehicle Painter
    12) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Mechanic
    13) Natural Gas Mechanic

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